Gordon HansonGordon Hanson

Director | Bio

Hanson holds the Pacific Economic Cooperation Chair in International Economic Relations at UC San Diego and has faculty positions in the School of Global Policy and Strategy and the Department of Economics. He is also a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and Co-editor of the Journal of Development Economics. Prior to joining UC San Diego in 2001, he was on the economics faculty at the University of Michigan (1998-2001) and at the University of Texas (1992-1998).

Ulrike SchaedeUlrike Schaede

Executive Director | Bio

Schaede is a Professor of Japanese Business at UC San Diego and holds a faculty position at the School of Global Policy and Strategy. As an authority on Japanese business organization, strategy and management, Professor Schaede has authored several books including “Choose and Focus: Japanese Business Strategies for the 21st Century” (Cornell UP, 2008). Fluent in Japanese, Schaede has spent more than six years researching and studying in Japan. She has been a visiting scholar at the research institutes of the Bank of Japan; Japan's Ministry of Finance; and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Before joining GPS in 1994, Schaede held positions at the Philipps-Universtät in Marburg, Germany and the Institute of Economic Research at Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo.

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