Gregory Lee

President, Nokia Technologies

Gregory Lee

Residency: April 30 - May 18, 2018


Gregory Lee is president of Nokia Technologies. Most recently, he served as president and CEO of Samsung Electronics, North America with a focus on driving fast growth and operational excellence.

Lee is a proven consumer technology leader with a wealth of experience in transforming organizations and driving innovation. At Samsung, he managed a portfolio of products including mobile phones and consumer electronics, as well as those in new market segments such as digital health and digital content. During his 13-year career at Samsung, he also served as Samsung's Global CMO, president of Samsung Asia and president and CEO of Samsung Telecommunications America. Prior to this, Lee led product development, sales and strategic initiatives for global consumer brands including Johnson & Johnson, Kellogg's and Procter & Gamble.

Lee earned a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from the University of California San Diego. 

During his residency, Lee will focus on technology, business and economics in the Pacific region.

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