Examining central questions about economic growth, equality and market change in the Pacific, this center brings together the worlds of academic inquiry and policy analysis.

About CGT

Technological transformations open new opportunities and disrupt old patterns. Building on the success of the Center, which was founded in 2006, CGT will provide a new framework for vanguard exploration of topics critical to analyzing and shaping the forces of economic change in a deeply interconnected, thoroughly dynamic world. CGT and its Pacific Leadership Fellows program focus on academic inquiry and policy analysis of international issues. Learn more

News and Announcements

Experiencing the ‘crossroad of the US, Asia and Mexico’
April 20, 2017, by Sarah Pfledderer in GPS News
As part of his Pacific Leadership Fellowship, Enrico Letta derived new impressions of not only the EU-U.S. relationship but also the U.S.-Mexico one

Big Pixel Initiative Invites Public to Help Map our World
April 10, 2017, Gordon Hanson and Ran Goldblatt featured in UC San Diego News

Connecting the dots on the U.S.-Japan relationship
Feb. 21, 2017, by Sarah Pfledderer in GPS News
As part of her Pacific Leadership Fellowship, Yoriko Kawaguchi rediscovered the strength of and predicted what’s in store for U.S.-Japan relations