The Center on Emerging and Pacific Economies (EmPac) is now the Center on Global Transformation (CGT)

About CGT

Technological transformations open new opportunities and disrupt old patterns. Building on the success of the Center, which was founded in 2006, CGT will provide a new framework for vanguard exploration of topics critical to analyzing and shaping the forces of economic change in a deeply interconnected, thoroughly dynamic world. CGT and its Pacific Leadership Fellows program focus on academic inquiry and policy analysis of international issues. Learn more

News and Announcements

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April 25, 2016,

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Joan and Irwin Jacobs give $4 million to rebrand EmPac to CGT
Sept. 29, 2015, GPS News

University Students Turn Satellite Images into Policy Analysis
June 15, 2015, UC San Diego News

UC San Diego Launches Japan Forum for Innovation and Technology
May 20, 2015, UC San Diego News